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Volcano Eggs Cover.png

Watch your kid's eyes light up with wonder as their baking soda eggs fizzle. They will love to keep adding spoonful's of liquid until their treasures are revealed.

Ribbon Wand Activity Guide.png

Ribbon wands are super simple to make! They can be a great way for younger kids to practice cutting, and for others to get creative using stickers, jewels, markers, or whatever supplies you've already got. 

Hobby Horse

Copy of Hobby Horse_ Lesson Plan.jpg

Coming Soon!

Friendship Bracelets Activity Guide.jpg

Learn to braid a beautiful bracelet using trinkets and beads you've got laying around. And create a simple clasp using a button!

Chibi Donuts.png

This is a great beginner drawing lesson for all ages. Older kids and adults can get creative with their original designs.

While the younger kids can use found round objects (Like a cup and plate) to trace circles and decorate with what you have at home (like watercolors, crayons, and/or stickers.

Leprechaun Brew


Coming Soon!

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